Cochlear Aqua+ Kit

Cochlear Aqua+ Kit

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The Cochlear Aqua+ Kit transforms your N6 or N5 speech processor to be waterproof (IP68). The silicone sleeve is reusable and a special coil cable systems seals the water out. 

The following parts will ship with the Aqua+ Kit:

• Aqua+ sleeve (2 pack)      • Aqua+ coil
• Mic Lock (4 pack)             • Magnet
• Aqua+ Safety Line.           • Storage case

*If a 6M magnet is selected, no other magnet or coil will be shipped as the 6M magnet is an integrated coil and magnet solution. Note the N22 option is only compatible with Cochlear N22 implants please select Yes if requiring this option. For all other order please select No.