Artone 3 MAX Neckloop

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ARTONE 3 streamer creates a link from a hearing aid/implant  (must be equipped with T-Coil) and any Bluetooth-enabled device such as mobile phone, computer, music player etc. Thereby, ARTONE 3 enables crystal clear sound transmission for hearing aid users during mobile phone conversation or music streaming.

ARTONE 3 upgrades a T-Coil equipped hearing device in to a Bluetooth hearing device.

Using the ARTONE 3, the hearing aid users can communicate over mobile phone using their hearing aid as handsfree or listen to music using their hearing aid as wireless headphones. 

Crystal clear amplified sound of voice or music is transmitted from the audio source to the hearing aid through the ARTONE 3 without any interference.

Compatible with the all current speech processors from Advanced Bionics, Cochlear, Med-El, and Oticon Medical.

Please note that this product is ordered direct from manufacturer and may take an additional 1-2 business days prior to shipping.